Turano Project

The mission of Un Cuore Un Mondo is varied and extends to all reception and support activities. Among these, an important role is played by the reception houses, which aim to facilitate the stay of the families of children hospitalized at the Heart Hospital. The Hospitality Houses offer equipped rooms and common areas for all guests, including kitchens and dining rooms. All furnishings are included thanks to donations, external initiatives and funds made available to Un Cuore Un Mondo. In addition, the Association provides basic food supplies, a thorough final cleaning of the rooms and materials necessary for the permanence in the structures. In the pediatric area, the opening to regions outside of Tuscany combined with international cooperation projects have increased the number of patients hospitalized at the Ospedale del Cuore. From 2013 to 2018, the Hospitality Houses recorded an employment level of around 90%, so much so that external structures had to be used at the expense of the Association.

Given the increase in medical-surgical performance in the Heart Hospital, there was a need for an increase in the demand for beds. After careful research, a structure was identified that currently houses the Ancelle dell’Immacolata, 500 meters from the Hospital of the Heart. The structure has a division by floors: the ground floor is intended to house the kitchen, pantry, dining room, closet and laundry room. There will also be three toilets, a multipurpose room and the former chapel room (transferred to the Aurelia side).

As for the street level, it is currently occupied by the Ancelle. The first floor is intended to house nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, one of which for the disabled, and an attic which can become a storage area. The structure offers 11 rooms equipped and suitable for hosting families of children even for long periods.
The structure is optimal to accommodate even at-risk maternities: the proximity to the hospital in fact allows greater psychological security for mothers. In addition, the structure allows moments of leisure outside of it, being located in a quiet neighborhood marked by simple daily activities.

A donation from the Coop of Avenza

We have collected a beautiful donation from the Coop of Avenza for the children of Un Cuore Un Mondo; useful sketch books that will surely be useful for young patients to spend their time in Pediatric Hospitalization. Thanks to these albums, children can have fun, free their creativity and create drawings that will become a sweet memory of the hospital journey. Art, creativity, free design are themes that we at Un Cuore Un Mondo have always supported and encouraged during our services. Thanks to the member area manager of Unicoop Tirreno, Cristina del Moro, thanks to the supplier Fabriano and thanks to the categories of Unicoop Tirreno for having thought about our association.

Your help matters

Your help matters. In order to take care of children and their families, we also need you. In 27 years of activity Un Cuore Un Mondo has accompanied the Ospedale del Cuore in the assistance and support of anyone in difficulty. Stories of children, stories of families, stories of people, stories of those who fight to heal, to continue living, to continue dreaming. Together with the hospital we have lived hundreds of stories, all unique and extraordinary: being able to fight together with doctors and family members for the health of children is a mission that fills us with pride. Our business continues thanks to you, who continuously support and support us, to you who encourage us and never lose the desire to offer us a hand. Give your 5×1000 to One Heart One World, help us to help. All you need is your signature and the tax code of Un Cuore Un Mondo: 92010270459.

A donation against Covid19

Today, a package has arrived in our office: it contains a donation of great importance for us at Un Cuore Un Mondo and for the families of the children hospitalized at the Ospedale del Cuore. The donation was made by Michele, a 15 year old boy, who thought of us by sending us useful products for the sanitation of the rooms. Michele responded to our appeal and immediately took care to make us have everything necessary to allow the families welcomed in our reception houses to spend their stay safely. Thanks Michele for what you have done, gestures like this show us once again how the fight against Covid19 is fought together, all united for a common purpose, all united to help those in need.

Michele, together with the package, sent us his thoughts which we would like to share in full:
“I am Michele, a 15 year old boy who operated at your hospital last July, with the help of my family I wanted to make this small donation because we wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us, offering us not only the health but also a place where it was possible to make me stay next to my family. I will be grateful for everything. Thanks everything will be fine! “

We count on your help

In your tax return, write the tax code of Un Cuore Un Mondo: 92010270459 to donate your 5×1000 to our Association. The 5×1000 costs nothing, but for us it is vitally important. Your contribution will go to the numerous projects that Un Cuore Un Mondo puts into practice to support children and their families. During the next few months, work will continue to make seven other rooms accessible, in addition to the two already in use, in the new reception facility located near the Ospedale del Cuore. Once the Covid19 emergency is over, however, it will be possible to return to a pediatric hospital stay and continue the “Un Mondo Nel Cuore” project, which involves carrying out a different recreational activity every day for all children hospitalized at the Ospedale del Cuore. In addition, your contribution will be used for everything necessary to allow those who need to stay at our reception facilities in complete safety. We count on your help, help us to help.

The sweetness of the game

Today, a little girl expressed her desire to play to free her mind from the hospital walls and fly, thanks to the game, to new adventures. For a child, the hospital path can be very hard to sustain: the small wheels, the view of the sun through a window, the inability to run and play. The mission of the volunteers of Un Cuore Un Mondo, in fact, also consists in providing children with fun during the long afternoons spent in pediatric hospitalization. For now, with the national emergency, our volunteers can no longer carry out this type of service so desired by us and the children. Not being able to bring our volunteers to them, we decided to bring games to the pediatric hospital. The joy in their eyes was reflected in ours, happiness rose from the depths of their souls and exploded in their smiling faces. The children fight every day, together with the doctors, against the serious diseases that can affect their hearts. We are with them, alongside the doctors and next to the parents, to give them a glimmer of light within the daily monotony. Their souls, strong already at an early age, need warmth, affection, play and fun, and we will always strive to give them the best of us.

The favors are back

Life is slowly starting to run again and everything will return to normal. During the two months of quarantine, the holidays were wiped out, but we of Un Cuore Un Mondo did not stop. When parties, baptisms, weddings and special occasions can take place again, remember our solidarity favors. Our objects, divided into classic favors and designer favors, are ideal for any party. Bring with you a small part of Un Cuore Un Mondo within your anniversaries. Favors are one of the many ways you have to support our work: the proceeds will be used for the reception, support and support of cardiac children and their families. It’s time to look to the future, to become bigger and bigger to help more and more people, to improve our services to guarantee a better future for those who need it most. For any information you can contact us by email at volontarie@uncuoreunmondo.org

Affection and volunteers

When a new patient arrives at the Hospital of the Heart, a fundamental task for our volunteers is to not make them feel the heaviness connected to the distance from home. Many of our guests take a long journey to reach us and, in front of them, there is a difficult and tortuous path. Our volunteers are halfway between the hospital and the patient, between medical treatment and hospitality, between affection and love. We offer support to parents and patients, we offer human warmth and a listening point for anyone who needs help and comfort. For many years now, volunteers have carried out their task with passion, always with the same light in their eyes, always with the same desire to help, always with the same desire to do good. Our mission is to be with those who need it most and, thanks to the immense support you show us every day, we have the strength to continue fighting, together with the young patients, for a better world.