Affection and volunteers

When a new patient arrives at the Hospital of the Heart, a fundamental task for our volunteers is to not make them feel the heaviness connected to the distance from home. Many of our guests take a long journey to reach us and, in front of them, there is a difficult and tortuous path. Our volunteers are halfway between the hospital and the patient, between medical treatment and hospitality, between affection and love. We offer support to parents and patients, we offer human warmth and a listening point for anyone who needs help and comfort. For many years now, volunteers have carried out their task with passion, always with the same light in their eyes, always with the same desire to help, always with the same desire to do good. Our mission is to be with those who need it most and, thanks to the immense support you show us every day, we have the strength to continue fighting, together with the young patients, for a better world.