Art meets solidarity

On Saturday 21 April, in the splendid setting of the Meeting Room of the Ospedale del Cuore di Massa, the Vernissage of the Solidarity Bomboniere d’Autore took place; organized by “A Heart A World ONLUS” in collaboration with the Ugo Guidi Museum in Forte dei Marmi.

It was a wonderful opportunity to bring together donor artists, the hospital management, the managers of the Guidi museum and the representatives of the association; the exhibition was set up by the volunteers, and those present greatly appreciated the commitment and dedication of the artists, who donated their works for a beautiful goal: to combine contemporary art and social commitment, beauty and solidarity, to create truly special Solidarity Favors .

The morning was full of strong emotions, hugs and handshakes, but the greatest emotion came when the Artists were “rewarded” by the President of the Association Mario Locatelli, with a parchment that named them “Friends of the ‘One Heart One World Association “.

On Sunday 22 April, the original works were exhibited throughout the day at the Ugo Guidi Museum in Forte dei Marmi, where volunteers alternating during the day, were present to tell visitors about the “Solidarity Bomboniere d ‘ Author”.

First of all we would like to thank Vittorio Guidi, for his presence and competence, all the Artists who participated in our Vernissage, all the people who participated in the two days of the exhibition, and we are waiting for you for your orders for the new Solidarity Favors.