The collaborators and the volunteers represent the “human capital” of the Association and are the fundamental resource in which is developed all its assistance and solidarity activity.

After 23 years, “Un Cuore, Un Mondo” can count on a structure made up of 7 collaborators who work continuously and with dedication, competence and motivation at the office located inside the Ospedale del Cuore. There are also 40 volunteers that constitute a formidable patrimony of resources, talents, ideas and enthusiasm.

Their aim is to make easier the psycho-affective traumas linked to the hospitalization of the children and their family with the health facilities through activities of:

  • assistance
  • information / guidance
  • support
  • entertainment
  • gaming

The activity of the volunteers is open to all those have legal age who choose to dedicate their free time to the service of young patients.

The commitment required of each volunteer is a weekly shift of about 2 hours in the ward and participation in periodic meetings with the managers of the various areas to learn essential concepts and be able to place themselves in the health facility with a new role: figures without a therapeutic task, fits with discretion and availability between the health worker, the sick child and his parents to provide help, human warmth and dialogue.

The main activities of the volunteers are:

  • hospital assistance activities
  • assistance activities for parents staying at our shelters
  • fundraising activities (eg Christmas package packaging in supermarkets, solidarity party favors, participation in external initiatives, etc.)
  • public information and awareness-raising activities on care initiatives dedicated to children with heart disease

Our supporters:

  • Many are the supporters of Un Cuore Un Mondo, some of them are faithful and always available to support the initiatives of the association and to invent new ones.
  • The Association also benefits from the 5 x 1000 contribution, which is important for covering the costs of hospitality management for families and for carrying out international cooperation initiatives.
  • Italian and international foundations, companies and associations, business associations and professionals, have rewarded the initiatives of International Health Cooperation, such as the Missions in Eritrea.