The sweetness of the game

Today, a little girl expressed her desire to play to free her mind from the hospital walls and fly, thanks to the game, to new adventures. For a child, the hospital path can be very hard to sustain: the small wheels, the view of the sun through a window, the inability to run and play. The mission of the volunteers of Un Cuore Un Mondo, in fact, also consists in providing children with fun during the long afternoons spent in pediatric hospitalization. For now, with the national emergency, our volunteers can no longer carry out this type of service so desired by us and the children. Not being able to bring our volunteers to them, we decided to bring games to the pediatric hospital. The joy in their eyes was reflected in ours, happiness rose from the depths of their souls and exploded in their smiling faces. The children fight every day, together with the doctors, against the serious diseases that can affect their hearts. We are with them, alongside the doctors and next to the parents, to give them a glimmer of light within the daily monotony. Their souls, strong already at an early age, need warmth, affection, play and fun, and we will always strive to give them the best of us.