“Un Cuore Un Mondo” believes that companies are among the subjects of priority interest to start collaborations.

The Social Responsibility of a company is an integral part of its heritage and its roots in the territory. Carrying out one’s social role by promoting values ​​of solidarity and redistributing wealth, contributes to building a positive image in the community in order to obtain ever greater support.

Collaborating with “Un Cuore, Un Mondo” can mean for companies:

  • concretely do something important for children with heart disease
  • improve relations with institutions and communities
  • promote a solidarity purpose with customers, demonstrating sensitivity in favor of children
  • increase employees motivations and develop a culture of solidarity in the company.

The partnerships has the purpose of involving companies in supporting projects through contributions, financing, donations of goods and services, co-marketing initiatives, sponsorship of events, theatrical or musical shows, solidarity dinners and aperitifs.

We thank all the companies that have contributed to the success of all the initiatives in this years of activity of Un Cuore Un Mondo.